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Great things come out of Atlanta, GA. Outkast. Ludacris. TI. Future. Young Jeezy. Soulja Boy. Ceelo Green. The list goes on and on. For decades, ATL has been changing the game over and over again. And in 2011, ATL went ahead and added a new name to that list: Anthony Carter,

Our Origin

Anthony Carter founded DCF Cups to capitalize on the trend in hip-hop of sipping and double cups. DCF Cups was the first premium cup maker for the rap and hip hop industry. We were the originals. In the early days, Anthony Carter started out making handmade custom foam cups for hip-hop heads and up-and-coming artists to show off a little bit of style. But it’s grown so much since then.

Changing the Game

Now, DCF Cups offers a wide variety of custom foam cup designs. We’ve got a style for everyone. And not just custom foam cups anymore. We’ve also added DCF branded merchandise, so you have more options to choose from when trying to stand out in a crowd. Most proudly, we’ve built an entire wonderful community of style-oriented custom foam cup lovers. We might not be the only name in this industry anymore, but we were the originals, and we’re still changing the game.

The Mission Continues

We’ve been at this for ten years, and we’re only getting better. We went from a local, Atlanta-based company to delivering custom foam cups all over the world. We’ve served custom foam cup lovers in North America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. And we are continuing to find new ways for DCF Cups to bring you more style. Whether by adding new styles of custom foam cups for you to choose from or adding new products for you to enjoy, we will always be there blazing the trail. So look out, ‘cause we’re only getting started.

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